Dozens of architecture styles surround each other from different periods in history, artistic movements, and architectural philosophies to create the unique skyline of New York City.
๐Ÿค“ Cast-iron – The Bruce Building
"The Bruce Building, constructed in 1857, was designed by architect James Bogardus and is located on the corner of Lafayette and Canal Street. It is a clear example of Cast-iron architecture because of its incorporation of the structure made of cast iron as the aesthetic of the facade.
New uses for iron began as a product of the Industrial Revolution. In the 1800s, cast iron was particularly popular, not only in construction, but also in ornamentation. This style of architecture is naturally most easily identifiable by its use of iron material and is popular among bridges, balconies, and row buildings. Cast-iron architecture often uses the structure and form of the building as the complete decorative formation of the facade, with additional iron detailed ornamentation as well.”
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