• Javier & Thomas
  • 08/18/22


-Can I have a dog?
-Can owners have pets?
-How much should I expect to pay?
-How is the application process with an emotional support animal?

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Hi welcome to today's video with Thomas and his puppy storm she's very shy wow it's fun how are you guys this is Javier uh co-founder of the thrive real estate team at compass i'm here with my uh partner storm and her pet Thomas every quarter we get a lot of questions today's one of those big questions like can i buy a dog can i have a dog what about snakes how big is a dog pet friendly buildings petting out friendly buildings what's the story with pets in New York City so it's funny right so here in New York City and in a lot of other big cities you know people are having more and more pets you know it's just the way that is and companies around the country are like oh bring your dog to work ie storm is here with me today and you know during the pandemic a lot of people got dogs a lot of people got dogs bigger than they thought they were going to be um my dog's actually smaller than i thought she was gonna be so that's a win and you know it's always a common question of like the first question out of any agent's mouth to you uh should be do you have any pets and why if they do have a pet well it limits their ability to live in places but you have to realize that having a pet comes with its own wear and tear on an apartment yeah so dogs they have nails they like to chew things they have fur sometimes they have fleas not my dog she has all of her shots and like all of her medications, can all owners have pets no absolutely no there are buildings that don't allow pets there are buildings that don't allow dogs but they do allow cats there's buildings that allow dogs but don't allow cats and there are buildings that have a certain amount of dogs and cats that they allow so if somebody wants to buy another one they have to wait for a neighbor to move out or for a pet to pass away which is kind of crazy but that's the rule in the building so now what is legal is pet rent which in a way is fairly valid way for a landlord to counteract the damage that pets do so basically to summarize so if you're renting pay attention to this no to pet deposits yes the one-time fee yes to extra rent every month usually i have found and this might not be true in every case landlords are more likely to try to charge a pet deposit on a dog than on cats for some reason cats they believe is less wear and tear i've always been a cat owner not true yeah are there pets extra costs in a condo or a co-op yeah yeah there can be two the coops and condos are not bound to the same regulations that that rentals have so there might be coops that ask for a pet deposit uh at overtime return it they a lot of them do have feet extra fees for pet ownership yeah which is a yearly fee for the pet but yeah i always tell people who have not moved or are planning on moving who tell me i don't have a pet but i'm planning on getting one so like make sure that you get the pet after you move yeah don't get a pet in the middle of a board application really don't do it don't do it uh and let's talk about emotional support animals because this is also something that comes up a lot but so they are protected class correct um the applications have to be processed like any other application and that's the end of that do have a legitimate reason for having an emotional support animal, beautiful gigantic 60 pound german shepherd he's the sweetest no he is the sweetest you can meet him i call the german shepherd a labrador do not call it a german shepherd uh i i laugh but i don't know if you've ever looked at a shelter for a dog but frequently pitbulls will be called oh they're a shepherd labrador mix and then you look at the dog you're like that's a pit bull um there are restricted breeds throughout the city um because the breed has a history or a reputation of being scary or maybe has bitten people before typically there's also usually size restrictions yeah so like i'm doing a deal uptown and the size restriction is 16 pounds that's another thing most pets if it's a pet friendly landlord and most pets i mean turtles snakes, snakes are not allowed, no snakes snakes no no snakes uh fish and stuff like that they tend to be okay check in websites talk to your agent anyway this is one of the frequently asked questions of this last quarter like share if you have questions of your own hit us with a dm or comment below or whatever it is i don't know where you're watching this on instagram or youtube or facebook or tik tok what is tik tok uh tik tok boom we're actually prepping a new tech time channel for the team so stay tuned to start watching some crazy beautiful stuff about New York City apartments see you later guys bye-bye

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