Buyer's Guide

Look for a licensed real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the neighborhoods you’re considering and can help guide your search.​​​​​​​

Before beginning your search, your first step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan (unless you will be paying in cash for the full price of your home). Your Compass agent can connect you to a mortgage broker. Based on your income and credit history, the mortgage broker will determine how much the bank will lend you, which will help you determine the price range for your search.

Attend viewings and open houses spanning a range of areas and property types. Now is the time to consider your ideal home’s location and amenities

Reach an agreement with the seller on price and terms. Once you have seen a home you like, you can put in an “offer,” which is a non-binding agreement to pay a certain price for the home. If your offer is lower than the list price, the seller will likely return with a “counter offer” price, which you can choose to accept, reject, or make another offer. Your Compass agent will provide advice on pricing throughout.

Analyze the contract of sale, building financials, and board minutes with your attorney. It’s best to work with an attorney who specializes in New York City co-op and condo sales. Your attorney’s job is vital to protecting your interests, and they have an incredible amount of paperwork to review on your behalf. Therefore, you want to select an attorney who is familiar with these transactions.

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