How to Buy a Home in NYC | Part 2 | Meet With Your Agent

How to Buy a Home in NYC | Part 2 | Meet With Your Agent

  • Thomas Hollingsworth
  • 01/18/22


Hey this is Thomas the co-founder of the Thrive Real Estate Team at Compass and this is How to Purchase a Home in New York City. Part 2 - Meet with your Agent.

Many feel that they just want to go out and see properties, and you know, that it's just about going and looking and finding a whole bunch of properties, and seeing 50 units, and that's how they're going to make their decision but a lot of this time can be cut out when you have a proper consultation. When you have a proper consultation we're going to go over your goals, those goals may be timeline, financial needs, what you actually want in an apartment, we're going to go over the criteria, do you need a dog, do you want to have a dog, are you afraid of animals, like these are all things that are going to come up in a proper consultation. We're also going to go over your finances, purchasing a condo is going to look much different than purchasing a co-op, you know for a co-op you're going to need a lot more money on hand, whereas purchasing a condo you're just going to have to have your 10 down, usually. We also discuss the timeline of the process you know many people think that, oh, my lease is up in 30 days so let's go look for an apartment to buy, if you waited until you're out 30 days you probably waited a little too long and then we're going to share a list of resources with you. My team and i have developed resources that we've worked with over the years you know from attorneys, to bankers, to contracts, handyman all those type of people that you're going to need to close that deal. I'm looking forward to meeting with you for our buyers consultation.

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