When is a tenant ready to submit an application?

When is a tenant ready to submit an application?

  • Pari Mohammadi
  • 08/16/22

In this market being ready makes the difference! Pari will tell you what documents you need to submit the application for the apartment you want in New York City.

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hi guys my name is Pari i'm part of the Thrive Real Estate Team the rental market is really crazy right now so i'm here to give you guys some guidance on what you should have ready before going to see an apartment it's really important for you to have all your documents ready to go before you even go to the apartment because apartments run quickly in New York especially in this market this market is very chaotic apartments will rent within minutes of open houses so it's always best to have everything ready so if you like something you can submit your application on the spot so that you're in the running to get that permit that you like these are the documents that you should have before you go to the open house um you're going to need the letter of employment the last two consecutive paystubs last two years tax returns your w-2s most recent bank statements the last two recent statements so you have photo id it always helps to have a landlord reference letter that's always a big thing to have and a landlord's application so if you don't have that part yet you would get that from the agent or the management is showing the apartment fill that out asap send all the documents in if you're working with an agent that's their job to do that for you we're going to have that for you pdf format ready to go and New York most rentals need you to make 40 times the rent and about 700 credit score would be where you want to be at if you don't have that then you need to see who you can have as guarantors and have their documents ready to go as well so when you are applying if they do ask for guarantor you can submit that asap so basically the name of the game is to be quick and be ready to go if you are ready to move to an apartment if you need any help please feel free to reach out we'll be happy to help you you can call, email, text...

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