"I’d like to take a minute away from desperately searching for my next (and hopefully final) New York apartment to sing the praises of one Parinaz Mohammadi, licensed broker for Compass Real Estate. Be it known that on April 8th, 2021, my partner and I were at a low point: we had spent the entire day looking at one subpar unit after another, faithfully accompanied by a trail of encounters with disinterested, impersonal brokers who only cared about the bottom line. We were exhausted, discouraged, and ready to throw in the towel. Our encounter with Pari was received as a blessed relief. Not only did she keep our appointment, arriving on time, but she did not allow the vagaries of her densely packed schedule to deter her from focusing on us. She guided us through the space and its amenities. She answered our questions. She was positive. She was energetic. When I asked her to consult the owner about a particular concern, she promptly did so and returned with an answer at the time she said she would have it for us. Most of all, she was kind. At the time of this writing, we are still searching, but we are in contact with Pari, who has promptly engaged us about other units via text with the same professionalism and zeal. It is important, especially as a customer, to assert that these little things matter. They were a balm to mine and my partner’s anxieties. The real estate game sucks. It’s a rat race that fails to reward most things recognizable as humane. The experience of having to find a new home would be made infinitely better by professionals who followed Pari’s example."


"Thomas Hollingsworth was an extremely dedicated, professional, and friendly agent to work with in my partner and I’s search for the perfect coop apartment. One of the best qualities in Thomas was that he believed in us! Thomas was always very communicative during every step of the way – while we were searching for the right apartment, while we were in the process of putting in an offer, and during the closing process. Buying a home can be a stressful time but Thomas always made me feel very relaxed and I knew everything would always work out with him on our side. As a first time homeowner, I had a lot of questions but with Thomas’s knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry, I was always provided with the answers I needed. Thomas always worked hard for us. He’s honest, straight-forward, and has a positive outlook; which makes him a wonderful agent to work with. "

Andrew and Matt

"As a first time home buyer, I highly recommend Javier & the Thrive Real Estate Team @ Compass. Rather than overwhelming me with information, Javier took the time to understand my needs and parameters, and empowered me to be an educated participant in the search process. I never felt embarrassed to ask him any question I had, regardless of how seemingly simple. Javier’s connections helped me assemble a trusted team, and because of him, I enjoyed complete confidence and transparency in every step of the process. The support did not end once the offer was accepted; Javier continued to advocate for me and ensured a smooth and enjoyable closing process and beyond. While I entered this endeavor somewhat intimidated, Javier & his team’s expertise and compassion completely transformed the experience for me ~ I am forever grateful!"

Supriya Jain

"Thomas helped me look for my first apartment in New York City, shortly after moving to the US. His best qualities are a readiness to help, availability and good spirit. At all times he was very proactive in arranging viewings and later in dealing with the process of buying the apartment. He was very helpful in dealing with the seller’s agent and the other parties involved. Thomas also very knowledgeable of the New York City property market and walked me patiently through the process of buying a home. He diligently answered all my questions and even if he wasn’t the person to ask, he would do his best to find the answer for me. I would highly recommend Thomas as your real estate agent in New York City."


"Thomas Hollingsworth was a wonderful partner in our apartment search. Communicative, flexible, knowledgeable, and always responsive, he was available whenever we needed him. We had met Thomas when previously searching for a rental apartment, and when we were looking to buy he was top of our list. On short notice he came with us to see an apartment we were interested in buying, and from that point forward he was there absolutely every step of the way. Whenever questions came up during the process, Thomas remained his sensitive, friendly, and upbeat self. He also had a great sense of the market so we felt well-informed when putting together our offer. Thomas helped us purchase our dream apartment and we could not be more grateful."

Beth and Blair

"I was so fortunate to work with Thomas Hollingsworth at Keller Williams New York City for my recent purchase in a co-op building in New York City. As a first time homebuyer, Thomas helped me to make informed decisions and I benefited from his extensive expertise throughout the entire process. Thomas was always working to keep the process moving forward, all while keeping me informed every step of the way. He left no question unanswered and was a true advocate for me in getting the deal done. Thomas was personable and easy to work with—I couldn’t have imagined this process without him!"


"Thomas was very patient, attentive and accommodating with me through an extensive search and a protracted closing process for the right co-op. Our search that took us all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, and through it all, Thomas was the ultimate professional, guiding me with his wealth of knowledge, answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. He also puts together the best board packages in the industry!"


"My roommate and I worked with Thomas Hollingsworth and received top-notch care. He responded very, very quickly to any questions or messages we sent (following up with the leasing company regularly for us!) and was able to close the deal in record time. The apartment is beautiful and we are so happy-thanks, Thomas! I definitely would recommend it! You’re the best!"


"In my time working with Thomas he has been professional, courteous and most importantly effective in his performance. I had several units that sat on the market for some time. Thomas took over their listings and the units where rented in short order. He is determined in his pursuit of accomplishing a client’s goals and a valuable asset for renting residential units."


"Thomas Hollingsworth was great to work with! He’s very accommodating, kind, and straightforward. Thank you Thomas!"

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