For #sellers. How to win the Spring market

For #sellers. How to win the Spring market

  • Javier & Thomas
  • 03/2/22



My name is Thomas the co-founder of the Thrive Real Estate Team here at Compass and I'm Javier founder co-founder with Thomas, you're the founder of the co-founder, no no i'm founder and co-founder, I'm pretty sure my parents found me, where did they find you? That's a story for a different time, so today we're going to be talking about the Spring market which is coming up very quickly

and we're going to be discussing when to put your property on the market as a center today or for the Spring market what are we going to be doing for that how do we get ready to win the Spring market if we're selling a property if you were looking to win this market as a seller, don't worry buyers we'll get you next, then you would be uh you would already be on market I mean that's the reality of the situation is, if you want to win the Spring market you need to get listed tomorrow yeah usually we delay spring listings to come up in the spring per se then market right now is so tight in Manhattan and in Brooklyn that we are actually recommending our sellers or potential sellers to bring the unit on the market a little quicker, yeah right here so and a couple of the reasons for that is one thing that people don't really think about when they're selling their apartment it's actually a competition, you're competing against everything else that's on market, so if you were a seller and you had a nice apartment but you know let's be honest New York City is full of nice apartments

are competing against all the other nice apartments so you have two things that really will set you, three things that will really set you apart, pricing, timing, and hiring Javier and myself, also that's true but that third thing really refers to make sure that your apartment looks fantastic, your condo, your co-op or your townhouse if that's what you're selling, it really needs to look fantastic so if you're not on the market yet I think that would be the second step after talking to us about the value of your property, staging you're doing it and driving it to sell, you want to wrap it up, think about how you go shopping you see the most beautiful packaging that's what attracts you the most at first and then value we need to do the same thing with your unit we need to wrap it up to look perfect for the buyers to walk in and say wow this is the place we want you know that's one of the services that we provide is we do bring in a stager at our cost that's going to come in and really show you how to wrap your apartment up properly you know one of the things that sellers make a mistake is they get very attached to every item that's in their apartment and how it looks and where little johnny first had his uh forefoot mark on the wall is that I think that here in the city or that just like a country anyway and she will come in and she will tell you really how to declutter the space how to make it presentable because you want it to look nice but you also want it to look like somebody else could live there, absolutely you don't want to remove your personal effects you don't necessarily want walls full of personal pictures you don't want clutter you really want nice clean crisp surfaces maybe a nice orchid uh it's just we just listed or we're about to list an apartment that has one orchid in the apartment but it's perfectly placed so we love it yeah um so that in terms of staging it's very important and we have somebody who can advise you and uh through the process, again at our cost then the other thing that I think is very important for sellers to understand is the economics of what's happening right now so today literally this morning well actually last night uh we had the the invasion in Europe, don't want to get into it but that's going to have economical repercussions all over the world, so you have to be even though it is a seller's market for the most part in most of Manhattan we still have micro markets and in most of Brooklyn we still have micro markets, there's still price sensitivity from the point of divider they're willing to pay a lot but to a point nobody is accepting greedy sellers so when you price a property you have to price it to market you should not be pricing it thinking like well they might meet my price, they might, they actually might go higher but the only way to get many buyers through that door is to price to market this is the conversation that we're having with a lot of our sellers right now yes it might be that you get the 3 million you want for your property but if you price it at 2.8 you're going to get enough buyers to immediately get 3.1 that's very important right now the last closing we just had we priced at 2.5 and we sold it at two seven so it's not impossible it happens all the time people will bid the price up for apartments that are worth more than what we list them for you know it's an important thing to remember that as a seller the fire is the one that sets the price of your apartment we can suggest that this is the price but at the end of the day is what someone's willing to pay, so let's wrap it up how do you win the Spring market you put a bow in your apartment it has to look beautiful, you have to price it right, it has to look valuable, it has to show value for the buyer and you have to hire us because we're better than your competition because if you're already not listed you're slightly late but we can get you there on time that's how you win the market, and you subscribe and you share this and you do everything you need to do that every youtuber and instagrammer tells you, we tell you too, yeah see you soon bye

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